(Above) Dr. Smith-Herron's Parasitology lab             (Above) Museum - Parasite preparation room



(Above) New -Molecular Room                                  (Above) - Performing molecular analyses to confirm invasive species


(Above) Museum - Insect Collection                         (Above) Museum - Insect Preparation and Collection

 MicroscopeInsectroom MammalMuseum

(Above) Museum- Insect Identification                        (Above)Museum- Mammal and Bird Collections

 (Above) Museum- Mammal Mounts                              (Above)Museum- Bird and Mammal Mounts

Butterflies InsectDrawer

(Above): The Butterflies & Beetles are 2 examples of the 100s of drawers within the Insect Collection

Cestode (Left) Parasite Museum- Tapeworms (Cestoda)

Nematode (Left): Parasite Museum- Nematode Drawer