Thom Hardy, Ph.D.

Professor - Texas State University
Department of Biological Science


Research Interests:

Research includes non-native invasive species interactions in fish communities in terms of habitat shifts, competition for food resources, bioenergetics, and predation.  Research also includes the dynamics between flow regime changes and responses in aquatic community dynamics including the linkages between hydrology, sediment transport and responses in aquatic and riparian communities.  Finally, application of unmanned autonomous vehicles for obtaining high resolution multispectral imagery in support of invasive plant and wildlife species interactions in aquatic and terrestrial systems.

Potential collaborative projects:

Edwards Aquifer Recovery Implementation Program research on non-native plant removal and Texas wild rice dynamics and the competitive interactions between introduced aquatic and terrestrial species on the overall ecological response in the San Marcos river.  EARIP funding.

Guadalupe bass initiative that incorporates genetic recovery through habitat segregation and stocking practices in the Llano, Perdanales and Guadalupe river systems. TPWD funding.

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