Jim Armacost, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor - Lamar University
Department of Biological Science

Research Interests:

My research focuses on the ecology and conservation of birds. I'm particularly interested in ecological interactions between native birds and introduced, invasive plants. Invasive plants can provide food and shelter for native birds, while native birds can act as dispersal agents for invasive plants. Invasive plants can also alter the structure of terrestrial habitats, affecting habitat suitability for native birds. I have recently collaborated with graduate and undergraduate students at Lamar University on a study of the value of monotypic stands and the invasive Chinese tallow tree as habitat for native forest birds in Southeast Texas, and I previously collaborated with undergraduate students at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee on a study of the effect of invasive Chinese privet on habitat suitability for native forest birds in West Tennessee. I'm interested in continuing my research on bird use of tallow tree stands in Texas, and I would also be interested in studying species of exotic, invasive birds, such as the Monk Parakeet, in Texas.


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