Jerry Cook, Ph.D.

Associate Vice President of Research - Sam Houston State University
Office of Research and Sponsored Programs


Research Interests:

I have several areas of research interest within the discipline of Entomology. My research can generally be put into the context of diversity. I am conducting survey and inventories of the Texas Big Thicket region. I study ants, and I am currently using them in the context of terrestrial indicator species. My lab has projects in Forensic Entomology, and I also conduct research on the taxonomy and systematics of Strepsiptera.

My current funded research includes survey and inventory of aquatic insects in the Texas Big Thicket; management of a rare ant species; biological control of fire ants using phorid flies; and monitoring forest health using ants as an indicator species. These projects are funded by NSF, Texas National Guard, and the National Forest Service, respectively. I am also conducting research on Strepsiptera in collaboration with the California Academy of Sciences' survey of Madagascar and the University of Kentucky's survey of Colombia.


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