Harley R. Myler, Ph.D., P.E.

Professor - Lamar University
Department of Electrical Engineering


Research Interests:

My research focus is in robotics and machine intelligence, and with respect to TISI, I am interested in developing robots for the purpose of species collection and environmental monitoring. These devices may operate either in aquatic or land environments and have the ability to perform their functions completely autonomously and for extended periods of time over large areas. The robots can be developed to monitor and/or collect invasive species and then report the results of the collection and/or monitoring via a radio link. A key element, and novelty, of this research is the application of pattern recognition principles along with advanced image processing to distinguish species of interest.

I am actively seeking collaborators from the biological sciences to develop and implement these kinds of robots in the mitigation and mediation of invasive species threats. I have extensive experience in the construction of walking robots and in the use of pattern recognition and image analysis algorithms necessary to identify the target species.


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