Chad W. Hargrave, Ph.D.

Associate Professor - Sam Houston State University
Department of Biological Sciences


Research Interests:

The principal focus my research is to understand the role of consumers in regulating stream ecosystem properties and functions across abiotic and biotic contexts. We use field studies and manipulative experiments to test hypotheses within this framework with the goal of contributing to the broader understanding of how ecosystem-effects of consumers might change as abiotic properties and community composition changes within local ecosystems. Currently, we are testing the effects of different fish species on nutrient and energy dynamics of small, headwater stream ecosystems. We are examining these effects of different fish communities on stream ecosystems across temperatures and atmospheric CO2 concentrations. With this work we hope to gain insight into the interaction between climate change and consumer-mediated effects on ecosystem properties, functions and services. Visit my personal webpage for details on the students and the projects being conducted in my lab.

In the study of ecosystem and community ecology, I examine food web interaction in stream ecosystems to address the general question: how do consumers regulate aquatic ecosystem properties and functions, and how might these regulatory roles change with a changing climate?  I use observational studies, manipulative experiments, and modeling to address these questions. Visit my laboratory website for more specific information on the projects I currently am conducting.

Research Capabilities and Expertise of the Hardgrave Lab