Danny McDonald, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Research Biologist  -  Sam Houston State University
Texas Research Institute for the Environmental Studies, Ant Toxicology Lab


I am a Myrmecologist, specializing in invasive ant species ecology.  At this time, my main focus is on Nylanderia fulva (the tawny crazy ant).  I am interested in basic and applied research having the potential to mitigate the economic and ecological impact of this devastating invasive species.  Currently I am investigating the reproductive phenology and mating flights of N. fulva.  My lab is also determining the thermal and humidity thresholds for worker ant survival and production of brood to develop GIS models that predict the range potential of N. fulva.  An additional project is a collaboration with a group of several other Texas Myrmecologists to develop a complete survey of all the Ants of Texas.

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